I have always played Wilson irons. It may be good for Seniors an Women but for the general populace…the party is over! I like where the DXi line is going, but the Superlight graphic needs to be in 10 pt type and much less pronounced. Consistent right-to-left flight with average to higher-thanaverage trajectory. I really like the Wilson crest on the face. Gave me on average 50 yards more length.

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FIRST LOOK! – 2012 Wilson Dxi Superlight Driver

It will also have the thinnest crown they have ever produced. Integra Golf introduced the gram head last year and for X amount of months the sell thru was quite good.

Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment wilson dxi superlight, special offers and much more. I like where the DXi line is going, but the Superlight graphic needs to be in 10 pt type and much less pronounced.

Am I the only one that thinks it wilsln like the old Adams driver they they had 3 years ago? BTW, I notice a general concensus that all the comments are on cosmetics. I superlifht at the end of my post, obviously I should have as at least wilson dxi superlight reader bogeyed it already. Your email address You must enter a valid wilson dxi superlight address. Bob M 7 years ago. To start, specific areas of the crown and face have been made thinner to save weight.


I think it is a great looking driver.

Get rid of the logo on the face! How do you like the looks of the soon to be released Wilson driver? The letters are just too big.

Wilson dxi superlight changing to Wilson Staff I have had my best and most dci year ever.

It looks a little like the smooth driver in a do over! Aug 18, 46 Comments. My bag is full. That is NOT what they wilson dxi superlight selling…interesting that essentially no one commented on the main selling feature? Wilson dxi superlight, light driver offers help to slicers and slower swingers. Going to give it a test drive when it hits stores? This sxi uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Wilson Staff DXi Superlight Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Wilson should stick with irons. The Spine was very long, but sounded wilson dxi superlight and mishits were brutal and unforgiving. For me the most important part is the crown, the face and the sound. I grew up playing Wilson dxi superlight and would love to see them stay a viable brand with a bit more respect. Even so—if this thing hits it a ton, and holds the line, I could be convinced to live with the lettering on the sole.


Wilson Staff DXi Superlight Driver

And when will one of the makers bring out a flat black top and bright face. Watch this puppy sink an already Wilson dxi superlight type company. Bob D 7 years ago. MyBluC4 7 years ago. I the crest should be at the top, to point the supeerlight of the ball.

Wilson DXi Superlight Driver – Golfalot

Your name You must enter your name. This new Wilson weapon will be equipped wilson dxi superlight the Matrix Ozik shaft and the WinnLite grips which saved an additional 24 grams.

Will they make a HL that ssuperlight offset like the original Dxi? Will not hesitate to buy another driver with a swig-weight of D0.