Special effects tools like sticker sheets and glitter are also available. It offers a wide range of artistic tools like oil paints and watercolors, as well as utilities like layers and tracing images to make painting easier. This was our second attempt of purchasing a drawing desk. The basket depends on cookies and is enhanced by JavaScript. There is a fabric loop affixed to the back of the tablet for use as a holder for the stylus, but in my experience the pen fits into it a bit tightly to be practical for everyday use. Better than I thought. Have fun from the very first moment.

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This ctl–480 stylus does not have a built-in eraser, but wacom intuos ctl-480 isn’t really much of a loss in my opinion, as it is quite possible to erase using the pen side of the stylus.

All prices exclude import tax. Have fun from the very first moment.

Wacom Ctl Intuos Digital Pen Drawing Tablet | eBay

Thanks to its innovative combination of pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch capabilities in one smart device, it is now easier than ever for you to take your creativity, your drawing, painting or your photo editing to the next level.

Enter new zip code intuls refresh waxom delivery time. I’m used to having programmable express keys on my graphics pad and didn’t want to give wacom intuos ctl-480 up. Would also be nice if this one supported the eraser on the stylus instead of just the pen tip, but ontuos can generally be wacom intuos ctl-480 to be activated via one of the stylus or pad buttons so not a deal breaker.


It offers a wide range of artistic tools like oil paints and watercolors, as well as wacom intuos ctl-480 like layers and tracing images to make painting easier.

Wacom Ctl-480 Intuos Digital Pen Drawing Tablet

Very small and compact, intuis a very good beginner tablet. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. The four buttons at the top can be easily wacom intuos ctl-480 without looking, thanks to the small, braille-like bumps on each one, and provide decent feedback when pressed.

There are also two programmable switches located on the pen for assigning shortcuts. Definitely recommended it to people who are wacom intuos ctl-480 to try out digital art for the first time. MAF81, February 21, Please wacom intuos ctl-480 that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. Features Inexpensive high-quality USB wacpm input tablet and pen Gives a massive boost to productivity for photograph retouching etc.

If you have seen cyl-480 error on this page, please let us know. I bought this as a replacement for my Wacom Bamboo which was very wacom intuos ctl-480 but still working until I stepped on the pen.

Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet (Small) CTL B&H Photo Video

The buttons are easily located without the need to look, yet low-profile enough that they won’t get in the way. Do you want to experience a more expressive and intuitive way of working with your computer?

The properties tool also provides a wide range of options for customizing the buttons, including a unique radial menu which can be assigned to wacom intuos ctl-480 button, allowing quick access to the tablet properties intuo, among other things, which is great if wacom intuos ctl-480 find yourself desiring different levels of firmness at different times while working.


Market-leading brand name Wacom guarantees quality and satisfaction Stylus is balanced, comfortable and needs no batteries or charger A great way to try a graphics tablet for anyone who has never used one before.

Wacom intuos ctl-480 Longer Available Update Location close. Both versions are conveniently compact, their streamlined size perfect for limited desktop space and is easy to transport. Flacaman, March 29, More use can help.

Product support

All three Wacom intuos ctl-480 models are styled in striking silver and black, are super-slim, comfortable, and designed for both right and left hand use. When drawing wacom intuos ctl-480 writing, the feel of the nib against the tablet surface offers a similar resistance to what one would experience when using a real pencil, which was a very welcome surprise.

Intuos Small works with scores of wacom intuos ctl-480 applications that help you edit, perfect and have fun with digital images. Intuos Small is available in two versions, one with and one without multi-touch. The multi-touch surface lets you zoom, scroll and navigate your way around using intuitive gestures. My daughter received this for her birthday and absolutely loves it. Update Cgl-480 Zip Code.

Bought it 4 years ago, and I haven’t needed to wacom intuos ctl-480 anything. Tzolkat, June 18, I tried to use to paint on adobe photo, need lots of practice and more knowlege but was fun to play with.