Sounds to me like you might have a blown PSU. You might try pulling the Pro and attempting to boot the system without it. I don’t have much to work with, I’ve ask the store I’ve purchased it from ncix. Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Fri Sep 05, 7:

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I am able to make changes as long as I have my old PC installed, Shuttle fn45 going to see if Windows will install, this way.

Mon Feb 28, 4: You also might pull the ATX power connector off at the motherboard, and check for burnt pins. Apr 24, Posts: Abnormal behavior like that isn’t the kind of thing I want to spend too much time messing shuttle fn45 at all.

Have you tried flashing the bios? It will boot up fine into the motherboard’s safe mode, shuttle fn45 as soon as I try to change anything whether it’s the boot order or trying to up the FSB to shuttle fn45 instead of mhz it won’t POST.

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. I’ve even tried just saying save and shuttle fn45 setup and it won’t POST. I vote for 3. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.


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Shuttle’s site has scarce troubleshooting shuttle fn45, and I’m unsure how to diagnose this thing no IT background hereis it the CPU? I’ve done all the CMOS tricks leaving the battery unplugged, leaving shutgle shuttle fn45 CMOS jumper on, and then booting up holding insert and still nothing changes.

Just some things to try Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. I feel your pain, I had this same problem, and it’s been discussed to death shuttle fn45 on the Sudhian forums. Sun Feb 27, 6: Well, I tried the recommendation on that Sudhian thread. It sounds severely busted. It’s a shame because if I can only save changes with crappy memory overclocking at shuttle fn45 would be a huge pain. Aug 19, Posts: Sounds to shuttle fn45 like you might have a blown PSU.

Shuttle FN45 User Manual: Jumpers Clear Cmos Setting (jp1)

shuttle fn45 If it were me, I’d get an RMA, or equivalent, shutyle process to see about getting it replaced soonest. Jul 6, Posts: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

It’s been a full 2 weeks since Shuftle transplanted my old PC innards in a shiny new SSF box, and everything has been going smoothly; this morning though, as of 15 minutes ago, I was playing CoH and all of a sudden the screen went black, LEDs turned off, no weird noise, no warning, nothing. I am a little worried though, because indications are that it may just be that this board doesn’t like PC MB RAM sticks, at least at stock voltage. Synthe “Hypothesize a spherical chicken Sshuttle Shuttle fn45 27, 8: Shuttle fn45 Bay Shuttle fn45 Registered: Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Try unplugging the power from the unit yes, you really have to suhttle plug it back in, then try turning it on again?


If you want to try some part-swapping, I’d start with the Cn45, just to see what happens. Jun 14, Posts: That can’t be good.

Fri Sep 05, 7: